CLAVNA collaborates with Unx Festival

The Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra is promoting the dissemination of the first festival against depopulation in Navarra, which mixes music with wine, culture and social integration.

CLAVNA Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra continues to collaborate with UNX Festival, the first festival of music, wine and repopulation of Navarra, which takes place in the town of San Martin de Unx.

The first edition of UNX Festival takes place in different areas of the town of San Martin de Unx, an area known and noted for having the best rosé wine in the territory and the first wine cooperative winery in Spain, preserving and giving value to the wine heritage, which together with the music open to strengthen the development of a town that fights depopulation from social cohesion and through music.

The official presentation was attended by agents from the cultural and musical sector, employment, repopulation, wine and others.

It was an opportunity to live closely the experience of the repopulation: the spirit and culture of San Martín de Unx, a land that fights for a future full of life.

More information about the festival and its participants on its website:

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