Clavna presents its 2023 Management Plan at its General Assembly

The Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra held its General Assembly today at the CIVIVOX Condestable building, in an annual meeting attended by its board of directors, members and staff. At this meeting, the accounts and the 2022 Management Plan were approved and the Management Plan for 2023 was presented.

As for the status of the projects managed in 2022, the Training Plan continues to make progress thanks to the involvement of the private sector, the financial support of the Navarre Employment Service and the backing of the General Directorate of Education. Throughout the past year, CLAVNA has coordinated and supervised several courses with the Navarre Employment Service on tax incentives, 3D printing, gamification and Fundae funds; and we have opened a line of collaboration with the Navarre delegation of CIMA (Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media). The Cine de Colores program was also promoted, in collaboration with the UIS (Social Innovation Unit of the Government of Navarra) and funding from the Innova program of the La Caixa and Caja Navarra foundations. As a result of this initiative, 45 people were trained in hairdressing, makeup, wardrobe and production and will continue to progress in their training itineraries throughout 2023.

Regarding the Navarra Film Industry brand, of which CLAVNA is a member to promote the audiovisual industry in the region, the 2. 0 version of its web portal was recently presented, considerably improving the contents, the Navarra Audiovisual Guide files and the visibility of the local fabric.

In addition, CLAVNA has continued to hold the presidency of REDCAU (Spanish Network of Audiovisual Clusters) and managed the first major project of this network: a mapping on sustainability in filming in Spain and Europe, with the help of CENER (National Center for Renewable Energy) and led by Spain Film Commission, with European funds.

Regarding R&D&I, in 2022 the commitment to sectorial R&D in the cluster has been reinforced through the hiring of four young researchers thanks to the call for MRR Investigo grants.

Internationalization has been another important element in CLAVNA’s strategy, especially in the animation sector, promoting the Navarra Animation brand abroad. There were also several technical roundtables on specific areas of the audiovisual industry, such as animation, video games, tax incentives and training.

The 2023 Management Plan focuses on continuing to support the S4 audiovisual strategy and its three priority objectives: strengthening the local fabric, improving the positioning of Navarra and boosting the animation, video games and related technology sector.

Regarding the improvement of the positioning of the territory, we will collaborate in the work of traction of filming as a place of reference in sustainability, improvement of the tax incentive, promotion of the content aggregator and other collaborative projects, and attention to new agents in the territory.

Within the framework of the action coordinated with Navarra Film Industry, CLAVNA works with the industrial sector in initiatives that support the traction of filming. The development of a 100% sustainable service company is being promoted, a sustainability training plan is being designed for all links in the value chain of the audiovisual sector in Navarra and an internationalization plan is being designed for assistance in international markets.

In order to strengthen the local fabric, a new edition of the Plot Point 2. 0 process will be convened. In addition, CLAVNA is working on grouped export groups, the promotion of new training activities, the relaunch of the Tudela accelerator and meetings with other clusters and public administrations in Navarra to promote the work of our producers; and the promotion of a Talent Plan for the training, retention and traction of talent.

And in relation to the animation, video game and related technology industry, it is also promoting the necessary infrastructures to increase by helping to strengthen the local fabric and foster talent retention. The strategy focuses on the design and promotion of financing models compatible with the production of animation and video games in the region and support for the incorporation of more researchers into the sector.