What is a cluster?

A cluster is the combination of companies and entities supplying knowledge and/or technology within a geographic area that are actively involved in a collaborative exchange process. The aim of these companies is to obtain the advantages and benefits derived from the execution of innovative joint projects regarding a market or target market segment.

The objective of the cluster is to facilitate innovative practices that permit increased competitiveness within a specific sector and to increase and promote their international visibility.

What is CLAVNA?

We are the project of the Audiovisual Cluster of Navarre, a non-profit organization founded in January 2017, which looks to give a professional and ambitious response to the audiovisual sector within the S3 Smart Specialization Strategy of Navarre framework. Navarre has undergone a complete transformation since the approval of a 35% Tax Incentive for film and audiovisual productions. The Autonomous Region has its own tax system and regulatory framework which allows it to improve upon its incentives in relation to the rest of Spain. In order to attain these goals, the sector and its professionals, educational centres, innovators, tax consultants, and auxiliary companies must be prepared for the highest level of professionalism in our projects. CLAVNA exists as a channel for projects, financing, investments, and training proposals that directly impact the audiovisual sector and that include Navarre in the international audiovisual scene.


  • Promote innovation and knowledge to improve the competitiveness of our companies
  • Create synergies of collaboration among public institutions, private companies, knowledge centres and industry development
  • Provide consultancy and strategic direction for the sector
  • Increase online presence and visibility for the internationalization and sales of regional products and projects
  • Collaborate on excellent film projects with a cohesive structure in order to generate employment, ensure good practices, and improve the positioning of the region within the cultural industry
  • Raise the visibility of the Navarre Audiovisual Quality Seal