(Based on the CLAVNA strategic plan)

1. Technical Roundtable
Generating work groups comprised of partners and collaborators to create strategic planning in regulation, filming, industry, auxiliary services and training.
2. Audiovisual Guide of Navarre
A White Paper on the audiovisual sector of Navarre. Human resources and production technicians, as well as related regulations, locations, or agents. Mapping and quantification of the sector's companies and employees.
3. Tax Incentives
We must begin with an explanation of the tax deductions. It is necessary that the incentives provided by the Government of Navarre are known, so that they may be trasmitted clearly and generate a climate of trust in investments. In order to accomplish this task, it is essential to have the support of experts in investments and tax law.
4. Smart Shooting Quality Seal
Creating our own Quality Seal for audiovisual productions from Navarre in coordination with knowledge centres (Universities, Vocational Training, Higher degrees and Specialization Programs) and Technological Centres (R&D+i).