Nexxyo Labs, winner of the Navarra Industry Award in the category of audiovisualactivities

This company, partner of CLAVNA, has been awarded for its evolution in recent years The Baluarte has been the setting for the celebration of the III Industry Day in an event focused on publicizing the Industry Plan 2021-2025 and recognizing companies from different sectors. There have been 12 companies awarded in their different categories, chosen by the clusters and associations to which they belong, which have been based on criteria such as the evolution in turnover in recent years, the increase in the number of employees or corporate social responsibility policies.

In the category of audiovisual activities, the company Nexxyo Labs, partner of CLAVNA and focused on the development of video game and blockchain projects, has won the award. And it is that from February 2022 to the present, the entity has gone from having 12 workers in Pamplona to a staff of 132 people distributed between Spain, the rest of Europe and America, which represents a growth of the team of 1,200% and makes it has exponentially increased its presence in international markets.