Plot Point 2023, the sectoral meeting of the Navarre Audiovisual Cluster, welcomes 50 associates and 8 S4 projects in its 2nd edition

The Audiovisual Cluster of Navarre held its sectorial meeting Plot Point 2023 at Bodegas Otazu, an event attended by 50 associates, among which 9 S4 projects were presented and 8 new partners were welcomed in this 2nd edition.

Plot Point-Biraketa-Punto de Giro represents a moment of change in the Navarre audiovisual sector towards more synergies and collaborative projects between the agents that make up its value chain.

The day was opened by Arturo Cisneros (Manager of CLAVNA), who gave way online to Rosa García (president of this organization that is currently filming a project in the United States). Subsequently, the INTANGIA digital platform for managing copyright in audiovisual content was presented.

After the introduction, the status of each of the Plot Point projects that emerged from the 1st edition of this gala was updated, among which are the start-up of a 100% sustainable Navarre catering company specializing in film and television shoots, the development of a service company focusing on sustainability in the triple balance, the Mira Salud project (based on the provision of audiovisual services to healthcare companies), the Pamplona and Tudela hubs and the Navarre digital content aggregator.

Afterwards, presentations were made by the new members of CLAVNA, which are: Triunion Audiovisual Video (advisory specialized in the audiovisual sector), Nautilus (digital experiences company), Vody (technological design entity), Activa Experience (travel and tourist activities agency), Metta (modelling agency and photographic studio), Stand Navarra (event management) and CINATEK (Professional Association of Film Technicians of Navarra). Each of the other entities participating in this gala was also granted a space to speak.

As the main activity of the event, the projects presented in this edition were exposed: an R & D unit dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (by the producer Platypus & Wombat), a legal consultancy specialized in the audiovisual sector (by BSK), an audiovisual road trip project with a view of drones (by the company Hidrone), the social integration project Cine de Colores (by the producer and screenwriter Sara Brun), a documentary about the Sanfermines (by the producer Labrit), a series of fiction (Idoia Aragón together with Casting del Reyno) and artistic project Concept Art (by Vidorreta Design).

At the end of the meeting, there was a cocktail with networking dynamics in which the first contacts were established to carry out these projects, which will continue in the coming months with the support of CLAVNA.