RedCAU meets with the Director General of Cultural Industries to analyze thesituation of the audiovisual sector

The meeting took place in the Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra, from where the Spanish Network of Audiovisual Clusters is currently chaired. The Spanish Network of Audiovisual Clusters has held a meeting with the General Director of Cultural Industries, Adriana Moscoso, to analyze the situation of the sector and update her on the new projects in which it is working. The meeting took place in person in Pamplona, in the Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra, which is currently chaired by RedCAU, and to which Adriana Oliveros, president of the Audiovisual Cluster of Aragon, the most recent to join this network, has also moved.

Zuriñe Pampliega (manager of Eiken Clúster, from the Basque Country), Mar Varela (manager of the Galician Audiovisual Cluster) and Rubén Zarauza (president of the Audiovisual Cluster of the Canary Islands) were also present telematically. At the meeting, current concerns in the sector were transferred to the Director General, such as the dilemma of the management of intellectual property in virtual locations, or aid to the audiovisual sector. In addition, it has been agreed to schedule a working table to influence labor aspects of the animation industry.

On the other hand, the first large-scale joint project that RedCAU carries out jointly, with the technical support of the National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER) and led by the Spain Film Commission, has been announced: the mapping and identification of good practices that are being carried out in Spain and Europe around sustainable shootings (‘Greenshooting). The first conclusions of this research will be made public within the framework of the Malaga Festival. This meeting has served to share ideas and proposals to boost the sector in the Spanish industry, and to strengthen ties for future collaboration agreements.