Presentation of the film ‘Hanna and the Monsters’ with the presence of its director, Lorena Ares

Last Saturday the animated film ‘Hanna and the Monsters’ was presented at the Golem cinemas, an event that was attended by the director, Lorena Ares, and part of the production team of this project directed and partially produced from Pamplona; and qualified by the Ministry of Culture as “Especially suitable for children”


Hanna is an adorable little girl with a passion for monsters. One day he manages to travel to the town where they live: Monsterville. There he discovers that they are beings who fear humans, with many fears and complexes. But not all the monsters agree that a human should wander through their world and will try to use the little girl to close off any contact with the outside world for good, at the risk of trapping Hanna forever.